Armed Spider Robots Fight You, Freak Others Out

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The robots probably won't look like this mockup!
As you are probably aware, GeekTech loves robots. We cover all kinds of robots, all built with different purposes in mind--some are strong, some are smart, some are fast, and some are fighters. Though perhaps you are looking for an awesome robot that can do all those things, and you can pit yourself up against it.

The Trisolate Society is currently working on Armed Spider Robots, three-foot-tall spider-shaped machines created for fighting against each other--or you. They are designed to be fast but agile and intelligent, and they'll use either Nerf or Airsoft as ammunition. The spiders will run on an open-source program that will help them track, traget, and corner the opposition, and communicate with each other. All the programming will be stored remotely too, meaning less hardware and maintaining the robot's light build.

The society's main aim with these robots is to encourage the community to get involved with the building and coding (particularly colleges), and to encourage teamwork when playing a game of Armed Spider Robots versus humanoids--a game that's not easy for those on two legs. Fortunately, each spider has a target that once hit, will temporarily disable it while you regroup. It's a game reminiscent of the kind of thing you see in the movies.

To complete the amount needed for play, the Armed Spider Robots team are rasing funds on Kickstarter. The Trisolate Society is hoping for $12,000 by the end of March, and if you happen to pledge $3,000, you will be provided with your very own spider robot to love, cherish, and scare your friends with.

Unfortunately, the society and undergraduates working on the project haven't had time to upload any images or videos of these creepy robots in action just yet. The good news is if you like the sound of a fighter bot, they will share the code with anyone interested in building a similar robot.

Personally, this is just an awesome way of scaring friends with a slight fear of spiders on Halloween, but it would also be really cool to try and beat these guys in a fight.

[Kickstarter / Tarantula photo: Wikipedia; Nerf gun photo: Nerf]

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