Portable Sega Genesis Hack Floods You With Nostalgia

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[Photo: Downing]
There's something about vintage gaming consoles you can't help but love. Not only can you play many awesome classic games on the various systems, but they bring back a lot of great childhood memories. Plus if you're looking for a bit of nostalgia, you can pick up old gaming consoles pretty cheap online. One modder decided to merge a number of retro consoles to make one awesome portable--enter GeneBoy.

GeneBoy by "Downing" is a console hack which transforms the old Sega Genesis 3 into something a bit more portable, as well as featuring parts from other gaming platforms. The hack is mainly made up of a Genesis Core System with a controller made out of both a PlayStation D-pad and old Genesis buttons. The display screen is from an old camera. The finished result looks not disimilar from a GameBoy, Genesis style (hence the name!).

Over on the Made By Bacteria (MBB) forum, Downing notes that there were a number of tedious jobs involved in creating the hack, most notably de-soldering the card slot. Most interesting though is the way in which the casing for the components was made--Downing positioned the screen and controller into place, then vacuum-formed the plastic over the top.

While the exterior may be quite bulky, GeneBoy certainly runs well enough to play the likes of Sonic, Earthworm Jim, Road Rush and plenty other great Sega games. To find out more about the build in steps, visit the MBB forum or Downing's blog, or watch the video to see it in action:

[Downing's Basement via Hack A Day]

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