Six Ways to Protect Your Apple iPad

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4. Pad Your iPad

Even if you have a screen protector and a heavy-duty case defending the front and back of your iPad from bumps and scratches, it could still use a little extra attention when you’re traveling.

If the iPad is in a backpack or messenger bag, and something heavy (like a person) gets set on it, it could still shatter the display. If you transport the iPad in checked luggage on a flight it could be in for a rough ride of bumps and jostles--and that’s just from the ticket counter to the jet.

When you put your iPad in a bag or suitcase, surround it with adequate padding to cushion the blow and prevent any damage that might occur from jarring the tablet too hard.

5. Babysit the iPad

Kids love iPads, and many parents are more than willing to share the Apple tablet with kids. There are tons of apps--both entertaining and educational--to keep kids occupied for hours (or days, if they’re playing Minecraft).

If you’re going to let your kids play with your iPad, keep an eye on it. Kids have a tendency of setting their peanut butter sandwich down on it, or leaving it on the couch to fall between the cushions. It’s not fun to try and hunt down your iPad when your kid doesn’t remember where he or she left it, and find it under a bed with a half-eaten Gummi bear stuck to it.

Of course, you could just not let your kids touch the iPad, but who wants to be the mean parent?

Insurance from Apple or a third-party provider can protect your iPad investment.
6. Insure Your Investment

The ultimate protection would be to insure the iPad. It’s a pretty big investment, but if you’re prone to accidents, tend to lose items, or are subject to theft, consider purchasing insurance for your gadgets.

Apple offers AppleCare protection. It costs $99 and extends your telephone support and hardware technical support for the iPad to two years. It also includes coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage--with a $49 deductible per incident.

Aaron Cooper from Worth Ave. Group, a provider of insurance protection for tablets, laptops, and smartphones, points out that the AppleCare plan may not be comprehensive enough for some people. It doesn’t cover loss, theft, and certain accidental damage.

iPad insurance from Worth Ave. Group varies by the model of iPad in question and the state you live in. Where I live, though, two years of coverage from Worth Ave. Group is about the same as AppleCare ($100.70 instead of $99), but provides coverage for accidental damage, natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes), as well as theft or vandalism.

Whether you stick with simple measures like using the iPad Smart Cover, or take extra precautions with waterproofing or insuring your iPad, make sure you do what it takes to protect your investment and enjoy the benefits of your new tablet for as long as possible.

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