These Adorable Cable Labels Enable Your Organization Obsession

Wheee! [Photo: The Mark Brothers/]
It's a common scene: You find yourself huddled under the desk, trying to figure out the one cord out of 30 that needs to be unplugged. It's usually a 50-50 chance, and more often than not, things don't exactly come up Milhouse. Instead, you unplug the wrong cable, and your computer come screeching to a halt, again. Unsaved work: lost. Blood pressure: rising.

We've seen lots of clever attempts at labeling cables in the past, including using old bread bag tags, but I have to say, the Mark Brothers cable label dudes are probably the most interesting of the solutions seen to date.

These label tags resemble gymnasts or acrobats clinging to your cables as part of an act (or hanging on for dear life!) The figurines' faces serve as the labels--Simply write on the cable labels, noting which cable goes to what device, and you're laughing.

For £7.50 ($11.73 US at current exchange rates), you walk away with 5 of those little acrobatic label figurines, and peace of mind, knowing that never again will you accidentally unplug your NES amidst a Punch-Out session. Trust me, having to re-fight your way to Tyson all over again is worth the price of these guys alone.


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