Customize Your Doorbell With the MP3 DJ Doorbell

[Photo: Swann]
Doorbells are boring, right? Wrong: The MP3 DJ Doorbell lets you change your doorbell from the boring standard ding-dong to any song you want. Now, when your in-laws are on the way to visit, you can queue up the Jaws theme song (much to the displeasure of your spouse). And you can herald the entrance of your best buddy with the Star Wars Main Theme.

How does it work? The MP3 DJ Doorbell includes a doorbell unit that you can easily mount using the double-sided tape found on its back and a speaker unit that you can mount anywhere in your house. The two components communicate wirelessly and can talk to each other from a distance of up to 330 feet.

You have the option of adding an SD card to store songs, and the speaker can connect to a computer via USB so that you can move songs back and forth. It also comes with software that lets you edit the songs so that you can play whatever snippet you'd like.

For everyone I know who installs one of these devices, I'd like to request that you program it to play Ini Kamoze's Hot Stepper whenever I come over. You can pick up the MP3 DJ Doorbell for $49.99.

Check out the video below to find out more about the device:

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