Tesla Coils Play Nyan Cat Theme: Best Rendition Yet?

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Here at GeekTech, we're no stranger to the ultra-cute (or perhaps annoying!) Nyan Cat meme being incorporated into projects. From progress bars to Lego sets, even Spotify added the Poptart cat subtly into its music player. However, bring Nyan Cat to tesla coils, and the result is literally electrifying.

Eric Goodchild is an electrical engineering student with a passion for high voltage instruments. His favorite to experiment with however, are tesla coils. One thing project Eric worked on was the "Tesla Synth", which is a musical synthesizer rigged to tesla coil.

The controller, which took two years to perfect, works by making use of the variety of frequencies emitted by tesla coils and turning them into what sound like notes. Add in some slightly more complicated software, and tunes such as the Nyan Cat theme can be played by electrical currents.

For this project, Eric used two seven-foot solid state tesla coils, using 24 kilowatts of power combined. Not only do you get a cover-version of the pixel cat's theme, but also a pretty impressive light show!

Check out the video below of the tesla coils in action (you might want to turn your volume down initially!) and visit Eric's YouTube channel to see more examples of the Tesla Synth.


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