GeekBytes: The Camera That Sees Around Corners (And Other Things We Didn't Cover)

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Welcome to Tuesday's installment of GeekBytes! It today's roundup, we have still more Nyan Cat news (will that cat ever stop?), a cool iPhone gadget, and nostalgic picture frame.

Motor Controller Plays Nyan Cat [YouTube]

It seems everyone is trying to get in on the Nyan Cat action. The motor in the below video plays the Nyan Cat song whenever it stalls out by varying its PWM frequency. The result is a little faster than the original rendition's tempo, but it's still fun. [via Hack A Day]

Picture Frame Brings Back View-Master Memories[Kickstarter]

Here's an interesting Kickstarter project: It's a picture frame styles after a View-Master picture reel. And true to form, this frame has space for a number of photos. It's a great memory pice--who didn't own one of those red 3D View-Masters? Make a pledge of $45 and you can own one from the first batch.

Camera That Sees Round Corners Is Great For Detectives [MIT]

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab developed a prototype camera that can see through walls by using lasers. It's a little complicated, but here's the basic gist: The camera works by bouncing freaking lasers off of each surface that blocks its line of sight. The lasers reflect back to the camera, which then assembles an image of the scene. Of course, the image quality isn't quite there yet, but watch this space. [via Gizmodo]

Look Cool With an iPhone Transceiver [Strapya World]

Want to feel like a cop whenever you answer your phone? Consider purchasing the Transceiver For iPhone. Simply plug the accessory into your headphone jack and away you go--it even has a coiled cord to add to the vibe. While this accessory doesn't have much of a practical purpose, it will make you look like you mean serious business...I guess. You can pre-order yours for $18. [via GeekAlerts]

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