The Geek Dream Car: Project Detroit Brings Windows 8 and Kinect to a Mustang

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[Photo: Microsoft]
What do you get when you cross a retro Ford Mustang with the finest of new technology, such as Microsoft Kinect and a variety of other Windows services? A dream car that can't possibly exist. Fortunately, it is very much real, thanks to West Coast Customs.

The California-based car customizers teamed up with Microsoft to create this impressive car, currently named Project Detroit. The car itself is actually a 2012 Ford Mustang in a 1967 Mustang fastback body, modded with neon blue under-car lighting. The best part, though, is what's going on inside the car.

First off, you can remotely locate, lock, and unlock the car using the Viper SmartStart app on a Windows Phone. Once you're inside the car, the dashboard greets you with a whole load of awesome: In addition to Ford SYNC, a Windows 8 touchscreen on the passenger's of the dash side lets a passenger play on Xbox without distracting the driver, surf the Web, or pull up Bing maps-to give you directions or find the nearest restaurant so you don't have to.

The car also has a heads-up display on the windshield. Plus, for extra entertainment, when you park, the rear windshield doubles as a projector for playing Xbox Kinect.

[Photo: Microsoft]

This car also has sensors all over the place: The Kinect can help you park, while front and rear cameras will look for pedestrians and cyclists. And if your fellow drivers annoy you, your Windows Phone will help you record a message and play it from your car (for example "Get out of my way," or "Lay off the f***ing horns!"). The rear windshield can also display messages and images, which might be useful if someone is tailgating you.

Then of course, you have other useful tools such as WiFi, your own 4G hotspot, and, erm, customizable "honk tones"--that's right, you can have the Nyan Cat song play when you honk your horn. The screens also provide you with information via useful to you, the driver--speed, location, RPM, and fuel level--via Windows Azure.

Pretty awesome right? Microsoft will officially introduce Project Detroit on March 25 on Discovery's Velocity Network, at 9pm PT/ET. I really, really, really hope that a car company actually sells a car like this, as I would be the first in line for this ultimate geekmobile.

Visit Microsoft's website to see the full gallery of the modded Ford.

[Microsoft, Channel 9 via PCMag]

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