Be Don Draper: 8-Bit Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure Game

There are few things we like more than awesomely creative uses of existing technology. The Fine Bros over at YouTube have created an impressive, interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game using YouTube's in-video linking system.

It's called "Mad Men: The Game," and it features retro-console style graphics, an 8-bit soundtrack, and, of course, all the sass and intrigue native to both Mad Men and text-based adventure games.

The game's premise is pretty simple: Mad Men star Don Draper has to save the company by refreshing his depleted stats -- confidence, new ideas, and inner peace. The game has three endings, depending on what order Draper (you) decide to complete tasks. The game uses YouTube's in-video linking system to link to private videos that take you through the storyline.

Mad Men: The Game looks and plays great. It's well done, fairly long for an interactive YouTube game, and full of self-aware character snark and nods to the show. Check it out! And if you want more Choose-Your-Own-Adventure fun on YouTube, have a look at The Dark Room.

[The Fine Bros (YouTube)via Engadget]

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