20 Iconic Tech Sounds Bound for Extinction

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16. The radio tuner's tune

Static. A high-pitched squeal. Talking. More static. A little music. That's the unmistakable sequence of an AM radio dial being manually tuned -- something bound to sound completely foreign to a 12-year-old in about 10 years.

17. The cash register chorus

Aside from Pink Floyd jam sessions, the sounds of the old-fashioned cash register ringing up and cashing out are becoming increasingly sparse these days. Sure, we've got the beep-beep of the barcode scanner, but a digital beep can only have so much character.

18. The Polaroid's pitch

Digital cameras may emulate it, but that real click-scroll combo is an already rare occurrence. Shaking it like a Polaroid picture, however, appears to be alive and thriving.

19. The old-school video game vamp

Sorry, Mario: Video games haven't always had soundtracks. Listen to the sound -- and equally important, the relative quiet -- of Atari's original Pong game, and you'll see how eerily strange it now seems.

20. The typewriter's tenor

Typing on a computer keyboard is just inherently less musical. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. RRRRRING!!!

Author JR Raphael occasionally makes typewriter noises with his mouth (and he wonders why no one wants to sit near him). You can find JR on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook -- or at his geek-humor getaway, eSarcasm.com.

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This story, "20 Iconic Tech Sounds Bound for Extinction" was originally published by ITworld.

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