Free Friday: All Against One, Temple of the Spear, and Mad Men: the Game

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Perhaps the greatest game screenshot I've ever taken in my life.
Perhaps the greatest game screenshot I've ever taken in my life.

Here are three free ways to spend your weekend, including a throwback to old school Gameboy adventure games and the interactive version of America’s most stylish TV show.

Temple of the Spear

Temple plays and looks like a Gameboy-era dungeon crawler. A bit like Link's Awakening, albeit with fewer weapons to discover and manage. The storyline is simple but engaging: Centuries ago your people were forced into hiding by metal soldiers. Now they’re back, and it’s up to you to find out why, and figure out how to stop them. Luckily you’ve got your trusty spear to help.

All Against One

All Against One plays a bit like an old school top-down shooter. On each level you’ll be fighting the same opponent, equipped with a new weapon to master. You start off with a pistol, but progress to defeating your foes using only the power of love, and your uncanny ability to dodge. The game is short but enough of a challenge to hold your attention. And the storyline is engaging, if a little bit surreal.

Mad Men: The Game

In honor of Mad Men’s triumphant return to the air after a two year hiatus (I swear I’m not being paid to say that, I just like the show) we present Mad Men: The Interactive Game. The Mad Men Interactive Game isn’t a traditional web based game, but a YouTube-based choose your own adventure done in the visual style of an 8-bit adventure game. Depending on where you decide to have Don Draper spend his time and attention, you’ll run into different endings that reflect the decisions you’ve made about Don’s priorities in life.

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