In a World of Multiple Devices, Security Must be Universal

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Like many people, you probably own a computer and a smartphone. You might also own a tablet, even a Mac. And if you don't, you may well add one to your array of digital devices before long. That means you'll own three, four, even five or more Internet-capable devices, and you'll likely use all of them to surf the web, to keep in touch with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, to shop, and to handle your banking transactions. Making them potential targets for cybercriminals and hackers who want to access your private and confidential information.

Since these devices don't all run on Windows, and they're not just conventional PCs, you can't protect all of them with a conventional Windows-based security program. What you need is universal security--one easy solution that will protect you no matter what device you’re using. The Internet has made all of our lives much richer, but it has also added threats we never faced before. Similarly, new devices enhance the web, but also give hackers and others with malicious intent new opportunities to compromise your security and freedom on the web. All of your devices may contain your essential personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers. And if criminals can't find a way to break into your computer, they're going to look for an open door into your tablet, smartphone, even your Mac.

According to Juniper Networks, malware attacks launched against mobile devices increased by 155 percent in 2011. The Android platform, in particular, has been a magnet for malware. Attacks against that platform have increased by an exponential 3,225 percent since 2010.

The Solution: Universal Security

Having multiple devices doesn’t mean you have to buy separate security programs for each, or go unprotected. You can simplify your life by buying one product that can protect all of these devices. Here’s why it makes sense:

  • You'll have easy, one-license protection, and won't have to research, purchase, and learn multiple programs from different vendors.
  • You'll have a solution that's optimized for every type of device, and you can mix and match the devices as you please.
  • You'll have the same easy and intuitive user experience across all of your devices.

Kaspersky Lab offers just this sort of multi-device solution in Kaspersky ONE Universal Security. With a single license, protect your Windows PCs, Macs, Android Tablets, and smartphones. This one-stop solution gives you a way to protect your devices that can easily be customized to your own unique needs.

You can buy Kaspersky ONE to protect three ($79.95), five ($99.95), or ten devices ($149.95). Exactly what types of devices you choose to protect are up to you. If, for example, you buy a five-device license, you can secure two Windows computers, a Mac, a smartphone, and an Android tablet. Or you could mix and match any other way; it's up to you to choose the combination that works best for you and your family. Kaspersky ONE Universal Security updates itself automatically on all of your devices, taking the worry out of your protection.


PC Protection

If you want to protect one or more Windows systems, you'll do so with award-winning PC Protection in Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. This program combines antivirus protection, a two-way firewall and will protect you from viruses as well as Trojans, worms, keyloggers, and whatever else gets thrown at your computer. Keeping you safe while you bank, shop, and socialize online.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 also helps you keep your kids safe and responsible online. It helps you limit what your kids can do on the computer with extensive Parental Controls that block pornographic and other objectionable websites, and limit how much time your children can spend on the Internet. It can keep tabs on their social networking habits and even their online vocabulary.

Smartphone Protection

If you have an Android phone, you’ll want protection too. Juniper.net found over 30 times more Android malware in 2011 than in 2010, and they expect even more in 2012.

Kaspersky ONE lets you put a very effective antivirus and security program onto your Android phone. And as an added precaution, the program can scan on demand or on a schedule to see if something made its way onto your phone.

Kaspersky ONE’s smartphone protection doesn't stop at protecting you from malware. It also has a spam filter and extensive anti-theft protection. If your smartphone is ever lost or stolen you can remotely wipe its data clean with a simple text, or even locate it using advanced phone-finder technology built into the product.

Tablet Protection

Android malware doesn't confine itself to smartphones. If you have an Android tablet, it needs protection too. As it does with your smartphone, Kaspersky ONE's tablet protection comes with an extensive antivirus tool.

Tablets, like phones, can be lost or stolen, and Kaspersky ONE protects you here, too. You can use web-based remote management to lock your tablet or wipe its data clean if ever lost or stolen. It can even snap a secret photo of whoever is using your tablet, providing a mugshot of the culprit.

Mac Protection

Macs also need protection. Consider the recently-discovered Flashback Trojan horse, which targets the OS X operating system. It comes to your Mac looking like an Apple update, then installs itself and steals your user names and passwords.

In addition to these types of threats, PC viruses can be spread across networks through Macs. For example, some Windows worms, while unable to do actual harm on a Mac, can use them to infect Windows computers sharing the same network.

In addition to protecting your Mac and your co-workers' and families PCs from malware, Kaspersky ONE's Mac Protection also checks your email for dangerous content before you open it, and it can warn you about suspicious or dangerous websites.

In today’s changing technological world, Windows-only protection isn’t enough anymore--you need protection for all of your devices. That's why Kaspersky ONE Universal Security offers one solution that is easy, flexible, and comes from world-class, award-winning security experts. You and your family will be safe to surf the Web, download software, shop and bank online, whether you're using a Windows PC, a Mac, a smartphone or an Android tablet.

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