McAfee Updates MOVE AV with Agentless Deployment

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McAfee has updated its MOVE (Management for Optimized Virtual Environments) AV with an agentless deployment option. In addition, McAfee announced MOVE AV now has tighter integration with VMware vShield Endpoint environments. These two updates expand the features and capabilities of MOVE AV for protecting virtual servers and endpoints.

Companies are embracing virtualization for the flexibility, efficiency, and scalability it provides. It’s important, though, not to lose sight of the fact that virtual systems are each separate, individual systems. They still need antimalware and security protection like any other system, and the security tools in place on the physical host server will not protect the virtual systems running on it.

Virtual systems need protection too, and McAfee MOVE AV is here to deliver it.
One of the most common complaints about security software is that the agent or service running on the protected endpoint consumes system resources and impacts performance. In a virtual environment--where resources are already being shared across multiple virtual servers in the first place--this can be a more serious concern.

From the IT admin perspective, agents make it more cumbersome and tedious to implement and configure the security solution. Deploying software to servers--or virtual servers--demands caution to make sure it won’t adversely impact crucial business applications, and generally requires finding an installation window that doesn’t conflict with productivity.

The agentless deployment option in MOVE AV gives IT admins the ability to protect virtual environments, and protect virtual systems from malware without the burden of deploying software to those systems. McAfee claims that MOVE AV provides agentless protection for the virtual environment without jeopardizing performance.

MOVE AV uses McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to provide the same real-time monitoring and threat analysis for virtual systems that customers depend on for physical servers and endpoints. MOVE AV is also tied in to the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform to simplify the job of monitoring and managing protection in the virtual environments.

MOVE AV has added VMware vShield Endpoint integration to enable customers to secure and protect virtual servers and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environments based on VMware technology. Many businesses rely on VMware for virtualization, so the MOVE AV integration should be good news.

Virtualization has a wide variety of benefits, but if organizations don’t secure and protect the virtual environment it can be an Achilles heel. Businesses need security and antimalware tools for the virtual environment that are easily deployed and managed by IT, and minimize the impact on performance at the same time. The agentless deployment option, and VMware integration delivered by McAfee seem to make MOVE AV a solution worth considering.

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