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Are you an old-school note-taker? In other words, do you still prefer putting pen to paper to putting fingers to keyboard? Then perhaps you're familiar with the Livescribe Echo, a "smartpen" that records notes (with audio) as you jot them.

The Echo just learned a cool new trick: It can automatically sync your recordings to your Dropbox account.

That's a great way not only to archive your recordings in a safe, secure cloud-space, but also to access them on the run (from a smartphone or tablet) and share them with clients, co-workers, or anyone else.

So think about it: You're at a meeting, scribbling notes about a new design idea, and all the while recording the session via the Echo's audio recorder.

When you're done, you simply dock the pen with your PC and presto: the entire pencast (Livescribe's word for an Echo recording) gets copied to Dropbox, where you can do with it what you will.

There are a few steps involved in setting this up. Fortunately, Livescribe offers a simple tutorial:

Neat, right? Obviously it would be cool if the Echo had Wi-Fi capabilities so it could work this sync magic without the need for a PC dock, but this is still a great time-saver and a huge convenience for anyone who uses an Echo and Dropbox. I'm already a big fan of the latter; this kind of makes me want to check out the former.

By the way, if you're looking for another way to sync meeting notes and audio, check out Audiolio for iPad. It's based on a similar principle -- recording meeting notes and audio -- but it works entirely on your tablet. Like the Echo, it can sync straight to Dropbox.

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