Free Friday: A Twist on Portal Puzzles and Free Games Inspired By Peter Molyneux

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The big story in free games this week is undoubtedly last weekend’s 2012 Molyjam, a competition to create games in 48 hours based on the tweets of @PeterMolyduex. @PeterMolyduex is a twitter account that parodies the pronouncements of game designer Peter Molyneux (creator of games such as Black & White and Fable), known for his insistence that game designers need to think outside the box and create new ways of playing games.

Molydeux amps this up to 11, creating game idea tweets that are as hilarious as they are ridiculous. A quick example game idea from this week: “Game in which you transfer from body to body of people stuck in lifts all over the world, forever in time.” But the tweets, while absurd, sometimes have a sublime brilliance to them and thus after a suggestion on Twitter that designers actually make some of these games the Molyjam was born.

While it’s an odd origin story for a boatload of free games the results are sometimes inspired. We’ve picked three games we think you might like but the full collection of games is available over at the Molyjam site.

Pause Ahead

Based on the tweet “What if the pause button was a weapon? Until developers think outside the box we’re going downhill" this is a punishing platform game that’s quickly impossible unless you know the trick: your character keeps his momentum whenever you pause, so if you jump and pause the game you’ll keep flying upward. You’ll need to keep pausing and unpausing to survive the game.

Let’s Protest

Let’s Protest is a surprisingly literal interpretation of the game’s MolyDeux tweet, "Imagine a game in which you have to join protests to make changes to the rules within the game's world." That doesn’t make the game any less fun though. You can travel through the world protesting your jump height or the lack of weather effects until changes are made. It’s a short game but its best feature is probably the surprising and clever twist ending.

Friends Till the End

"You play as a small boy with a remote control helicopter that is alive and your friend, then you discover a nuclear missile inside it." You need to control both the boy and the helicopter to navigate them quickly past obstacles, since your remote-controlled buddy is filled with a live nuclear weapon however it makes for a hilariously, over-the-top grim game over screen if you happen to crash him into a building as seen in this YouTube clip of the game in action.

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