Philips ErgoSensor Monitor Nags at You for Slouching

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You probably spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer screen, watching cat videos and reading awesome articles on Geek Tech. But like most of us, you probably don’t think a whole lot about the way you’re sitting in front of your monitor.

If you need a little help on that front, Philips's new EgroSensor monitor will tell you when you’re slouching and to sit up straight. The ErgoSensor is a 24-inch monitor, offering a 1980-by-1080 pixel resolution. What makes it special is the user-detecting sensor embedded in the monitor where a camera would normally be.

The ErgoSensor can identify how far away you are from the screen and from what angle you’re looking at it. If it notices something wrong with your posture, it will signal a warning and give you suggestions on how to sit upright or turn your neck for the optimal viewing angle.

This monitor also keeps track of how long you have been in front of your screen and it will remind you to take breaks regularly. When you do step away from your screen, the display will automatically turn itself off.

These all sound like great features, but personally, getting a flashing warning every time you lean back in your chair will probably get annoying overtime--hopefully it will be easier to turn off than that other “helpful” computer.

The ErgoSensor monitor seems to only exist on Philips’ UK site for now and there’s no sticker price on it just yet.

[Philips UK via Slash Gear]

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