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Ever wish your mirror was a little more interactive when you were getting ready in the morning? OpenGadgets devised a small mod capable of not only giving your mirror more life, but it can also be controlled with an Android phone.

The mirror mod makes use of an IOIO microcontroller that lives behind the two-way mirror. The IOIO board (pronounced yo-yo!) is designed specifically for use with Android gadgets, meaning you can control your new robot, gadget, or mod from an app on your phone--it's not too disimilar from an Arduino board, really. The microcontroller connects to a 512 pixel display placed behind the mirror. Everything communicates with your phone via Bluetooth.

Once activated, you can stream low-resolution photos and videos to the mirror, and also play slightly more interactive games, such as using the display as a Magic 8 ball--that's probably the best why of asking the mirror if you look OK today!

This interactive mirror is at present a prototype, so we expect that it'll be able to do more in the future--perhaps it could one day suggest what color sweater you should wear with your favorite pants. At present, though, this would still be a pretty cool thing to show off to your friends the next time they visit--especially if they go to check themselves out in the modded mirror, unaware of the display behind it...

Check out the video below to see a demonstration of the IOIO mirror:

[YouTube via Hacked Gadgets]

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