Top Earth Day Apps

Here are 15 apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 to help you live a greener, more sustainable life.

Use Your Smartphone To Stay Green

Earth Day is an annual celebration of the Earth intended to boost awareness and appreciation for nature and the environment. So what better way to become one with Mother Earth's boundless splendors and breathtaking beauty than by staring into your smartphone's display and tapping, swiping, pinching, and zooming?

Sarcasm aside, this collection of apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 users all help you live greener lives long after Earth Day. And when you're done goofing around with the apps this Sunday, head outside.


iRecycle is a good first step to find out how you can recycle more. It has information on how to recycle pretty much anything, as well as a database of recycling locations and programs that you can search through.

Free for iPhone and Android


PaperKarma can help you cut down on junk mail delivered to you. The process is simple: you take a photo of the junk mail you want to get rid of and PaperKarma will use its database to figure out what it is and contact the sender to remove you from its distribution list.

Free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7


The Eco-Labels app from Consumer Reports can help you debunk the meaning behind labels that claim they are organic, natural or eco-friendly. It can tell you whether the label is actually meaningful, or just marketing, based on their own ratings.

99 cents for iPhone


Goodguide is a barcode-scanning app that tells you whether products are green, ethical, healthy, or safe, based on scientific ratings. It has information on 170,000 products from the U.S. only.

Free for iPhone and Android


EcoChallenge sets up challenges with people you know to learn together to live more sustainably, such as cooking a meal for your friends using only local produce. The app also has explanations of energy efficient lighting or transportation, and new challenges are added regularly.

Free for iPhone


Locavore is an app all about seasonal and local food. It has listings for farms and farmers’ markets near you and information on what’s in season, as well as an integrated social network where you can share photos and rate sellers.

Free for iPhone and Android

Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen is a shopping guide app from EWG to help you determine which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues and how to avoid them. It lists the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables depending on their provenience, and it’s very straightforward.

Free for iPhone and Android

Meter Readings

Meter Readings keep track of your household energy usage. You can track multiple meters for electricity, heat, and water; add reminders for when it’s time to record readings; and suggest how to generate charts and graphics to evaluate your usage patterns.

Free for iPhone

Green Outlet

Green Outlet can help cut your electricity usage by identifying which household appliances use the most energy. You select the appliances you use how frequently each day, and the app predicts your electric bill and carbon footprint.

99 cents for iPhone


PlugShare is a database of 8000 public charging stations for electric cars across the U.S. It also provides access to a community of users who are updating the listings and sharing their home electricity plugs with fellow green drivers.

Free for iPhone and Android


Carticipate can save you money on gas with its car-sharing scheme that pairs friends, co-workers, and groups to coordinate driving plans. You can manage multiple trips, including your rides to and from work, or one-timers such as going with a group of friends on a trip.

Free for iPhone

My Planet

My Planet is game-like simulation to help you determine your carbon footprint. You answer ten initial questions to build your world, and from then on, the app will quiz you once per day to figure out how clean and green you are, while earning badges along the way.

Free for Android

Plastic Analyzer

Plastic Analyzer tells you what sort of plastics you use on a daily basis by searching via the plastic identification code. You can find details such as what products it is used in and whether it is easily recyclable.

Free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7


iViro helps you check your home’s energy consumption and advises on upgrades and retrofits to save on your heating, electricity, and water bills. You can get a breakdown of your annual energy costs as well as monitor individual appliances, rooms, or multiple households.

Free for iPhone

Green Shine

Green Shine is directory of environmental alternatives to commercial cleaning products. You only need a few basic ingredients to get started, like salt and vinegar, while solutions are organized by rooms and areas.

$2.99 for iPhone

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