Free Friday: A Typing Game That Teaches It Wrong and an Abbreviated Mario Brothers

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This week we've got three titles made in 48 hours for the most recent Ludum Dare gamejam, including a typing game that teaches you to be a bad speller and a condensed version of the original Super Mario.


Some of my fondest gaming memories actually come from typing games (Typing of the Dead was a special favorite) so I was excited to see a new typing game, Lililput, come out of the latest Ludum Dare. It doesn't take long with Lililput however to notice something about the game however. It's a typing game where every word you have to type is subtly misspelled. This makes the game much more difficult than the average typing simulator. I could barely ever survive for one minute. How long can you last?


A Super Mario Summary is exactly what it sounds like from the name, a condensed version of the original Super Mario Bros. While there are still 8 worlds of four levels each, all of those levels have been summarized to fit on a single screen. That doesn't make the game any less fun than the original (or any less punishingly difficult at points) but it does make it a bit faster to play through.


Tinysasters is probably the most difficult game on this week's list to describe and also the toughest to master. Once you get the hang of it however it may also be the most fun game on the list. Tinysasters plays a little like a simulation game (think SimCity) but the relatively rare natural disasters of the Sim City world are not happening constantly, altering the natural environment and destroying the cities and factories you've constructed. Your goal is to build a shrine to stop the chaos but collecting the resources you need and finding a stable place to build up your shrine is easier said than done.

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