Forever Alones Beware: Game Controller Uses Kisses to Steer

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Designers Hye Yeon Nam and Sam Mendenhall didn't think multiplayer gaming was intimate enough, apparently, so they devised the Kiss Controller. Basically put, it's a game controller that requires you to kiss someone in order to play a game: If you don't kiss, you don't play.

Here's how it works: one person wears a headset with a magnetic mouthpiece attached. It's Player 2's job to interact with the magnet using their tongue. This magnet acts as a controller to steer a car or set the speed of a bowling ball. At present, there are two games available--a racing game and a bowling game--that demonstrate how the "smootch controller" operates.

Check out the video below to see two willing couples demonstrate the games and controller. The racing game looks particularly tricky.

Judging by the video, it seems like the tamer the kiss, the better control you are going to have. Also, you better really like the person you are kissing, because who knows how long you may have to lock lips before you reach your end goal.

[Hye Yeon Nam via Adafruit]

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