Chess Set Transforms Into Mecha for the Ultimate Checkmate

[Image: Joseph Larson]
Sometimes chess can get a little boring. I only have so much patience for opponents who spend what seems like forever pondering their next move. But thanks to Action #Chess, I will never be bored with chess again. That's because with Action #Chess, your chess pieces can transform into a mech that can be used to wreak havoc on your opponent.

Action #Chess is a chess set designed by Joseph Larson that can be made with a 3D printer. It was the winner in a recent chess set design competition run by MakerBot Industries and Tinkercad. The pieces look like a conventional chess set at first glance, but they can be assembled to form mecha with knights for feet, bishops for hands, and the king as the head.

The chess set isn't available for purchase at the moment, but Larson has plans to sell them in the future. Keep an eye on his (currently empty) Etsy shop if you'd like to get your hands on a set.


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