This Automated Dorm Room Is Ready For Romance, Parties, and Studying

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Whenever you hear the phrase "home automation," the words "home of the future" may spring to mind. The reality is that you can achieve the basics of automating your life today, as proven by one bright UC Berkeley student.

Derek Low, a long-time tinkerer of tech, challenged himself to make his college dorm room as automated as possible. A few months of work combined with several hundred dollars' worth of equipment resulted in the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm (also known as BRAD), a living space that responds to each and every possible lifestyle scenario any student would need.

When Derek enters his room, a sensor detects him ans switches on the lights. Once inside, Derek can use a remote, his laptop, his iPhone, or his iPad to set his room excatly how he wants it. He can control lights and music, and can even open and close the drapes.

What makes Derek's project unique is the range of special modes available. Homework mode will turn the lights on at Derek's desk; Romance mode sets the scene with "appropriate"music and mood lighting; and the awesome Party mode, as you might expect, really goes all out, with party tunes, strobe lighting, and even a disco ball.

The innovative take on student living has reportedly gotten Derek Low in some hot water with college officials, who feel that his tweaks break the school's housing policies. Derek also told Innovation News Daily that he may have to appear at a student judicial hearing. (Of course, UC Berkeley shared BRAD on its official Facebook page, so who knows what that means...)

Either way, we think the modifications are pretty impressive. Visit Derek's Laboratory @ Home blog for full details on his automation project, including a parts list and basic instructions

[Derek Low via Berkeleyside]

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