Toilets and Tablets: A Match Made in the Bathroom?

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Toilets and Tablets: A Match Made in the Bathroom?
Why do people like to read while lounging in the loo? Is it the isolation? The freedom from significant others, roommates, children, and/or household pets?

We may never know, of course, but it appears our well-documented fondness for bathroom reading has expanded to the world of tablets too.

And I'm not just talking about guys.

A recent Yahoo survey reveals a lot about tablet usage inside U.S. homes. For instance, Americans are more likely to fight over a tablet than a TV remote--a strong indication of the slate's perceived value in the home. And 15 percent of survey respondents say they would give up their car in order to keep their tablet.

But since you came for the toilet talk, here it is: One-third of men frequently take their tablet to the bathroom, while 40 percent of women never do, the survey found.

So while men are more likely to bring along slate when answering nature's call, plenty of women tablet owners--perhaps as high as 60 percent--do so as well, if not as often.

Other Survey Results

Yahoo surveyed 2,000 U.S. residents between the ages of 18 and 64. Other interesting findings include:

  • A quarter of women would give up sex to keep their tablet.
  • Only 13 percent of men would give up sex to keep their tablet.
  • 91 percent of respondents use their tablet in bed.

Prior studies show that smartphones are a popular bathroom item with both sexes. Marketing firm 11Mark surveyed 1,000 Americans last year and found that around three-fourths of men and women used their mobile phone in the bathroom.

What's it all mean? Well, tablet (and phone) users should probably give their devices an antibacterial wipe down on a regular basis. But more importantly, the Yahoo survey shows just how quickly Americans are incorporating tablets into their daily activities.

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