Be Very Afraid: Sharks Now Come Equipped With Freakin' Lasers

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Dr. Evil, eat your heart out. The waters just got a whole lot murkier, because one shark packs a lot more than just a nasty bite. Meet the shark with a freakin' laser attached to its dorsal fin.

I don't know why a marine biologist would want to make sharks scarier, but Luke Tipple--known for his appearances on Shark Week--has done just that. Luke clipped a 50-milliwatt green laser onto a shark's fin in the Caribbean Sea, all for a small experiment. The laser itself is from Wicked Lasers' newest line, the S3 Krypton.

As it turns out, Luke wasn't actually interested in the laser being attached to a shark, but the clip it was connected to. He wanted to test his new non-evasive clamping equipment, which breaks down in the water after a number of months. In addition to the clip testing, though, Luke also monitored the shark's velocity and trajectory, and to see if sharks avoid certain types of laser energy, dependent of wavelength and spectrum. As it turns out, other sharks were quite attracted to the green beam.

Ok, so the clip is pretty animal-friendly, but wouldn't the laser beam harm other sea life (and people!) around the shark? The laser beam used is on the lowest power setting available, so nobody would be in any danger if they crossed the shark's path (well, not from the beam anyway!). In other words, Dr. Evil's diabolical plans will have to wait for another day...

[Wired via Tecca]

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