You Can Use Honda's Segway-Like Vehicle While Sitting: There Goes the Human Race

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Traffic appears to be moving smoothly in the north hallway... [Credit: Honda]
Remember the day the Segway came out and you thought that you’d never have to walk again? Honda has announced an even better machine, the Uni-Cub. It's a Segway-like way of getting around that you can use sitting down.

Unlike a Segway that’s used by mall cops and Steve Wozniak, Honda's creation is really small. In fact, the Uni-Cub is so compact that it can easily glide around in small offices and into an elevator.

According to Honda, Uni-Cub is extremely nimble, thanks to its the Omni Traction Drive System. By shifting your weight around you can drive it forward, backward, side-to-side, turn in place, and diagonally for any hard office cornering. For less able-bodied users, this could be a huge bump in mobility from a wheelchair or electric scooter.

If the Uni-Cub looks familiar, that’s because it’s an evolution of Honda’s previous motorized unicycle, the U3-X. The Uni-Cub, however, is technically not a unicycle because it actually uses two wheels. The larger front wheel controls forward and horizontal movement, while the smaller rear wheel is used for turns.

[Credit: Honda]

The Uni-Cub has a maximum range of 3.7 miles (6 kilometers) and can achieve a max speed of 3.7 miles per hour (6km/h), so in some ways it is actually even better than walking. Just don’t get too comfortable…

[Honda Worldwide via Akihabara News and Ubergizmo]

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