Maker Faire 2012: A Gallery of Creations

Robots, Lego cities, music and more -- do-it-yourselfers showcase their ideas, inventions, and gadgets at the annual get-together.


Maker Faire 2012

In an era when more and more creative and technological experiences are built of pixels and are encased behind glass, Maker Faire is a reminder that we are not just developers, but also builders, and that we should use our hands and not just our fingertips.

That said, one of the big themes at this year’s event is the fusion of digital and tangible, with recurring favorite 3D printers taking center stage.

Maker Faire showcases creations from flame-powered pipe organs to destructive robots to CNC machines and 3D printers, pulling in tens of thousands of spectators and participants of all ages. The faire features prominent DIYers such as “Mythbusters’” Adam Savage to extol the virtues of doing it yourself, and to inspire a new generation to go hands-on and become makers.

Click on to see some of the cool things at Maker Faire 2012.

The Whiskeydrome

One of the hallmarks of Maker Faire is its interactivity. In that spirit, "Fun Bike Unicorn Club" built the "Whiskydrome" -- a large wooden bowl to enable just about anybody to hop on a bike and try their luck at fighting the effects of gravity. Whiskey not included. Wonder if bandages are.

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