This Mod Lets You Re-Create the Commodore 64's Processor in Minecraft

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[Credit: Eloraam]
If Minecraft was a game made with simplistic (some might say retro style) graphics to inspire creativity, we would say it has been incredibly successful. Now it seems that the whole thing has come full circle with this latest RedPower2 mod--by a programmer known as Eloraam--that lets you create an 8-bit computer.

Unlike a redstone-powered computer that used individual redstone torches to compute data, Eloraam’s mod has special recipes that let you create a CPU, monitor, ribbon cables, and floppy drive. This CPU is a single-block unit that packs enough power to emulate the MOS Technology 6502 chip, an 8-bit processor first produced in 1975 that was used in a number of computers and video game consoles throughout the 1980s.

The system is completely modular with a CPU that can link up to multiple consoles. The computer can also control any other blocks in Minecraft. As if building a standalone computer mainframe in Minecraft wasn't impressive enough, Eloraam built a custom OS for them using Forth, a stack-based programming language.

You can program this virtual computer using your own code if you are capable enough. Since the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 both used the 6502 chip, it’s entirely possible that you could also re-create either system in Minecraft.

The RedPower 2 mod also brings a few other amenities, such as solar panels, pneumatic tubes and water pumps, that will launch your Minecraft server straight into the technology age.

[Eloraam via The Verge and Engadget]

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