Neal Stephenson Kickstarts a Realistic, Motion-Controlled Sword Fighting Game

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[Credit: Subutai Corporation]
Author Neal Stephenson, perhaps best known for his scientific and historic fiction titles Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon, as well as for his antics as a swordsmanship geek, is now seeking pledges on Kickstarter to make a sword fighting game for PCs.

Dissatisfied with button prompted vertical and horizontal sword swings in Soul Caliber, Stephenson teamed up with the Subutai Corporation to make a realistic, motion-controlled sword-fighting game called Clang. The initial game will focus on two-handed long-sword one-on-one dueling using a third party off-the-shelf controller.

At some point in the future, the game will adopt a custom--perhaps sword-shaped--controller, along with a user-created-content toolkit called MASEs (Martial Arts System Embodiments) that will let anyone capture their own fighting moves.

The goal is to expand the game’s move set to include pommel strikes, blocks, parries, feints, and every possible move in sword fight. MASEs will also allow you to add every real piece of steel, from Rapiers to Katanas, to give players a variety of weapon choices that matches the number of assault riffles and shotguns in a Call of Duty installment.

There are also plans to take they game beyond a simple fighting simulator and fill it out with quests. The game world will become a playable adventure that incorporates stories from Amazon’s new science fiction publishing house 47 North.

The project it ambitious, and the ultimate goal might seem unobtainable, but Stephenson is the source for 20th century sword forging and fighting. Oh and he is also raising his own personal army of sword fighters to motion capture every move.

If you want to get into the ground floor of this crazy sword fighting game, you can get a download of the game for a pledge of $25.

[CLANG (Kickstarter)]

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