3D Imaging and Freakin' Lasers Help Slicer Cut Meat With Precision

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You’ve probably all have had the argument with a friend or loved one over who got the biggest piece of cake or meat. Or more annoying still, maybe you had to be the one to cut up a hunk of meat into equal pieces, which is quite difficult when such food usually comes in uneven shapes. If you’re a butcher, though, technology has your back.

The Libra 165C is a fixed-quantity meat slicer that uses 3D imaging and freakin' laser beams in order to cut meat equally. When you place the meat on the conveyer belt, the machine will scan your sirloin and render a 3D image of the meat. It does this using a displacement sensor (that’s the laser part!).

Once the Libra has a cross section of the meat, it can cut slice up the meat evenly to the weight required, rather than making each slice the same thickness. This means when you go to buy a piece of meat in a store or butchers, you’ll be charged the same price due to weight similarities, rather than differing amounts.

The machine was demonstrated at FOOMA Japan 2012 earlier this month, and it'll be released toward the end of this month. Meat fans, don’t get your hopes up too much: Libra 165C will set you back a whooping $160,000.

[DigInfo via OhGizmo!]

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