Old SNES Meets New Wii U With This Hack

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[Credit: Downing]
You could probably say that Nintendo came up with the idea of putting a display on your controller first, but that doesn't make this modded Super Nintendo, modded Super Nintendo equipped with two screen-toting controllers any less awesome

The SNES-001 Advance from modder "Downing" is just like a regular old Super Nintendo in that you can still use it to play all the Yoshi Island you want. But it also has an extra feature to mirror everything that normally shows up on your TV to a pair of miniature controller-mounted displays.

Downing’s build took approximately three months to complete. During that time, the modder added an extra circuit board along with a pair of extra controller ports to feed video to the pair of custom-made controllers. The two controllers include a 3.5-inch screen, speakers, and all the usual buttons. Downing also repainted the lavender-and-purple SNES to feature Famicom-style red and whites.

There is one caveat to Downing’s SNES-001 Advance, though: If you play any two-player game that uses a split-screen view, it will also show up as a split screen on those tiny controller displays as well. It would be nice if the video signal split the each individual player’s perspective to one controller, but that’s what you get with simple mirroring.

If you’re feeling envious of Downing’s modded SNES, you can actually buy the SNES-001 Advance from him on eBay. As of this writing, the system is still up for auction and has a $500 "buy now" price.

[Downing’s Basement and Made by Bacteria Forums via Hack a Day]

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