Casemod Turns Your Desk Into a PC, Looks Stellar

[Credit: Shazim Mohammed]
It's been a while since we've seen a really great casemod, and this impressive--and doable--PC built into a desk is just too good to pass up.

Shazim Mohammed created his PC Desk/Case Mod project by experimenting with plywood so he didn't have to buy a desk or have a metalwork shop build particular parts for him. With a bit of help from a contributor at Tom's Hardware, he made his case with space for five fans (three exhaust fans and two intake), a radiator and liquid-cooling system. According to Shazim, the "stock" temperature of his computer is around 87 degrees Fahrenheit.

From there, the bulk of the project was all about measuring and cutting. With the measurements sorted, Shazim spray-painted the case black, and placed a glass sheet over the front to protect the PC's innards. Shazim also used wood to mount his three Dell monitors, since their original stands were much too big to fit on the desk.

The rig itself isn't too shabby, either. In addition to the three monitors and cooling system, the computer has an Intel Core i5-2500k processor, ATI Radeon HD 7950 graphics card with a water-cooling block, and an Asus Gene IV motherboard. The best part? The green UV Gelid fans and tubing surround the whole setup, creating a stunning contrast against the rest of the case

[Credit: Shazim Mohammed]

You can see a full gallery of the finished product and a rundown of all Shazim's work on his blog.

[Shazim Mohammed via Engadget]

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