How Many Lego Bricks Would It Take to Build a House? This Calculator Knows

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If you ask anyone what they would do if they won the lottery tomorrow, they would probably mention that they'd want to buy their dream house. If they can't find that house on the market, well, they're rich, they can just build it. Most people will think up more practical plans to build a home, but dreamers would probably be more interested in Lego My House.

Lego My House answers the sensible question of how many bricks you would need to build a house of any dimension--even with plastic bricks, it's important to know how much you're going to need in supplies. The calculator came to be after Movoto Estate Agents watched Top Gear's James May create a real Lego house out of 3.3 million bricks, which inspired them to help anyone else who ever wondered how many bricks it would take to rebuild their home or office.

The calculator assumes you use the standard eight-peg (4-by-2) Lego piece, and then works out how many of these bricks it would take to make up a standard US brick (it takes 359 Lego bricks to make one standard brick). From there, you just keep multiplying.

It's worth noting that this tool only calculates how many Lego pieces you'll need for a Lego exterior--it doesn't take into account furniture or interior walls. For the sake of demonstration, I found a fancy two-story, four-bedroom house, worth just over $1 million. According to the calculator, it would cost about that much--and take over 10 million Lego bricks--to build a Lego version of its exterior walls.

So while a Lego house would be impressive, I can think of better things to do with your money. For the same price, I could have a house with things inside it that's also warmer and more structurally sound. It's still a tough call for a Lego fan, nonetheless. Perhaps Ed Sheeran should look into the calculator too, as if could save him a lot of money.

Head over to Movoto's website to find out more about the real Lego house, or try out the calculator for yourself below. Did your house work out cheaper or more expensive to build in Lego? Let us know in the comments.

[Movoto via Gizmodo]

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