Space-Age Dress Shirts Keep You Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter

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[Credit: Ministry of Supply]
We’ve already looked at all the NASA tech that’s trickled down from space exploration and into our very homes. A temperature-controlling dress shirt that can keep your feeling and smelling fresh in this broiling summer*, however, could be the most important thing ever.

A team of MIT grads and spacesuit designers who call themselves the Ministry of Supply are developing their own line of Apollo shirts. The shirts incorporate some of the same temperature-adjusting technology used in NASA space suits. Now the Ministry of Supply is looking for contributions on Kickstarter to help make its dream project into a reality.

The Apollo shirts incorporate Phase-change Materials to pull heat from your body. The heat is not just radiated back out; instead, the shirt stores it for later use whenever you enter a colder environment, such as an air-conditioned room. When you enter a cool environment, the shirt releases the stored heat to keep you at your perfect skin temperature.

The shirts are also made of a particular blend of fabrics that whisks away your sweat and an anti-microbial coating that keeps your personal odors at bay. The Ministry of Supply also claims that its shirt will remain tucked in no matter how you move about and that it's “truly winkle free.”

The Ministry of Supply has already met its $30,000 Kickstarter project goal, but you can still pick up your own Apollo shirt for a pledge of $95.

*Mind you, there's no such thing as summer in San Francisco, where our main offices are located.

[Kickstarter and The Ministry of Supply via Tech Crunch and Popular Science]

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