Waterfield's PS Vita Case Review: The First Case We'd Recommend

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I’ve never felt compelled to post about a handheld case before, and for good reason. They usually feel cheap, like they could break at any moment. That’s why I don’t use a case on any of my handhelds; even my iPhone doesn’t have a case. I don’t see a reason when I’ll end up purchasing a new case in a few weeks after that one broke from being in a backpack for a few hours. My opinion changed when I got my hands on Waterfield’s beautiful PlayStation Vita case, which they sent me for review.

The attention to detail that went into the design of Waterfield’s Vita case is evident at first glance. The top flap is made of beautiful double-layer leather and looks like part of a matching leather briefcase set. It’s simple and understated. As soon as you pull the case out of the box, it’s clear that the flap is made of real leather, as the smell of leather is strong, though it isn’t strong enough to give headaches; it’s just the right amount to let you know it’s real without being overpowering.

The inside pocket is lined with soft, felt-like material that keeps the PlayStation Vita protected and doubles as a screen cleaner, wiping off the screen as you pull the Vita out of the case. It doesn’t trap dirt or other substances on the cloth, which left me worry-free about how I pulled my Vita out of the case. I didn’t have to worry that it might catch on something and scratch up the screen.

The outside of the inner pocket feels extremely durable and has storage slots for five Vita titles. There’s a small cut at the bottom of each slot so that you can see which game is in there without having to pull it out completely, but this also means that you have to put the games in upside down, which doesn't feel intuitive. Though the surface of the pocket is textured and somewhat rough, it doesn’t seem rough enough that it could cause any damage when sliding games in and out of the case.

While it won’t fit your AC adapter, the zippered pocket on the back of the case is one of my favorite features. It has a great zipper, I never found myself worrying about whether it would jam or not as it glides open and closed without any catching or slowdown. It fits a set of in-ear headphones and the Vita’s USB cable perfectly. There’s also three tiny pouches within the large pocket for storing additional Vita memory cards. I found this to be much more practical than just sticking them in the large pocket and hoping that they didn’t fall out when I opened it up.

After carrying this case for some time, I think it's one of the nicest purchases you could make to protect your PlayStation Vita. It’s protective, beautiful, and understated. While it costs $50 and is thus more expensive than many other Vita cases out there, everything about it screams high-quality and I don’t foresee it breaking anytime soon. It’s durable enough to throw in a backpack and not have to worry about whether anything will get broken. If I was asked which Vita case was the best, the PS Vita case from Waterfield is the only case that I would recommend.

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