The ChargeCard Is The Compact USB Charger We’ve All Been Waiting For

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[Credit: Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller/Kickstarter]
Although they do exist, portable chargers for mobile devices often suffer from a very significant issue--their size. At some point in any cell phone user’s week, there’s likely to be a moment of panic when the battery is dwindling and an outlet or charger is nowhere in sight. And nobody wants to carry around an easily tangled charging cable if they can avoid it.

That’s where the ChargeCard comes in. This Kickstarter project by Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller is a USB cable designed to be a compact, convenient solution for space-conscious techies. It's just three times as thick as a credit card, and you can easily store it in a wallet, a purse, or a pocket.

The simplicity and foresight of the design might be its most attractive features. One less bulky accessory sitting at the bottom of the backpack is cause for celebration alone, but the thought that went into this charger is extremely impressive.

The ChargeCard is thin enough to fit behind most iPhone cases, and its iPhone port also sticks out far enough to conform to the size of large cases as well. And as soon as the demand increased and the word began to spread about the project, the creators sprang into action to assure Blackberry and Android owners that they would be designing a Micro USB ChargeCard to work with those phones as well.

It has only been a few days, and over 2,000 backers have already nearly doubled the initial $50,000 goal of the project. There’s still plenty of time to donate money, but the pledge rewards are running out, so head over to the ChargeCard Kickstarter soon if the project interests you.

[ChargeCard via Kickstarter]

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