Disputing Erroneous T-Mobile Charges

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After I returned a Galaxy S II phone that required a two-year contract and a $30-per-month data plan, T-Mobile continued to charge my credit card for the data plan. I finally got the company to rescind the contract and reduce its charges from $71.22 to $65.58. But I believe I actually owe $47.11. The next month, I ported my phone number to another carrier. I was only two days into my new billing cycle, yet T-Mobile charged me for the entire month, and claimed I owed $109.69. I made several calls to T-Mobile to correct the overcharges. The company’s reps refused to work with me, so I disputed the charges through my credit card company. Then I received notice of a $50.00 “returned payment fee” from T-Mobile, presumably because of the disputed charge. I’m now receiving two calls a day from T-Mobile demanding payment of $159.67 and letters threatening to turn this over to a collection agency. I’ve told them repeatedly that I am more than willing to pay the $47.11 I believe I owe.
—Priscilla A. Maine, Atoka, Oklahoma

OYS responds: We contacted T-Mobile to see whether it could clear up the erroneous charges. Company representatives worked directly with Maine to re­­solve the issues and to reduce the total amount due to a number that she was happy with. She sent payment right away. A T-Mobile spokesperson assured us that this matter was an “isolated incident.”

Tardy Xigmatek Rebate

In November 2011, I ordered a Xigmatek CPU cooler from Newegg. Xigmatek offered a $20 rebate. I promptly submitted all required documentation and waited patiently for 12 weeks. No rebate. I wrote Xigmatek; its reps said they had everything they needed but were busy and asked for patience. I waited another month, wrote them again, and was again answered with a message asking for patience. I again wrote to them, sending a copy to Newegg, and threatened to ask you for help if they did not send the rebate. Xigmatek stalled once more. It has now been over five months. Can you help me get this rebate?
—Robert Redmond, Tucker, Georgia

OYS Responds: Redmond pointed us to several forum threads by other customers who also reported slow rebate processing by Xigmatek. We contacted the company to find out what was causing these delays. Two and a half weeks later—and six months after initially submitting all of the required paperwork—Redmond finally received his CPU cooler rebate.

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