Hitman: Absolution Developer Interview

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How did “Instinct” mode come in, where you can see from a different point of view and see what’s going on around you?

TB: That was controversial for the hardcore fans when they saw it. From the team’s perspective, the reason it came about was we’re building this AI that’s far more complex and has so many more ways to react to the player. But [the game] also becomes a lot more difficult then. We added some tools that the player can use to get a slight advantage on the AI. Using “Instinct” is a light version of the map from the old games. The map was the entire level with everything laid out and all the guards where you could sit and see and plot your way through. We wanted to take that feeling and put it into the game itself, into the 3D world so you don’t have the two distinct games you’re playing. Now you have the “Instinct” mode, you can see [the map] within the game world itself.

It eliminates the time spent staring at a map; it’s not taking you out of the game and there’s no disconnect between the two modes then. I’m all for staying within the game universe, you don’t have to keep reminding me I’m playing a video game.

TB: That’s how [the map] was always intended for us; it wasn’t supposed to be a sort of wooden mechanic that you could use to understand everything. It’s far more complex than that. We can only give you some tools, and then the player has to figure out how to use them; that’s the most interesting part for us. You need to have some information about the world before you can have a reaction.

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