The Mouth Factory To Advance Mouth-Driven Home Improvement

[Credit: Mouth Factory]

Why use your hands when you can use your mouth instead? Designed by London's Royal College of Art's Cheng Guo, The Mouth Factory series is an absolutely bewildering collection of "functional machines" engineered to be operated by, you guessed it, the user's mouth. According to the website, the selection includes a chewing lathe, a tongue extruder, a mouth breath rotational molding machine, and a vacuum form machine.

While certainly a highly novel (if not entirely efficient) approach to things, the devices look a little too much like residents of a Cenobite's toolbox for my liking.

The motivations behind the development of this project are, er, interesting, to say the least. In his website, Cheng Guo states:

The project explores the capabilities and versatility of this wondrous organ and correlating facial expressions, re-contextualised within the realm of production. As a comment on human enhancement, the project aims to explore the aesthetic of production through a series of performative devices. By focusing on the mouth, the production devices acquire a fantastic quality that amplifies and render visible the reciprocal relationship and effects between our body and our tools.

Then again, this could all just be a clever way of trolling the world. After all, Cheng Guo is the same guy who came up with the "Wall Nut Cracker", a cloth-based nut cracker that functions on the understanding that things break when you smack them against a solid wall. Yup.

Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

[The Mouth Factory via Hack A Day]

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