Become a Cat Master With This New Cat-Only Wolfram Alpha App

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The Internet loves cats--enough to have them in almost every good meme, enough to create countless animated GIFs starring them, and even enough to create browser extensions that turns your friends to cats. If you really love cats, though, you know there's more to them than memes; and you're going to love the new Wolfram Cat Reference app for iOS.

The new app from Wolfram Alpha is every cat lover's dream come true. There are no bells and whistles here--the app is very simple--but information-wise it's a veritable goldmine. The app includes information on any cat breed you've ever heard of, and quite a few you've never heard of. Each breed page comes complete with an image, a list of properties, a useful description, and even some notes on temperament and history.

It's doesn't end here, though. For some reason, many people are infatuated with extreme-sized cats. This is the only reason I could think Wolfram decided to include an extensive weight section in the app, where you can browse the heaviest and lightest breeds, and also look for breeds that meet specific weight requirements. For example, if you like big, fat cats, you can look for breeds that normally weigh more than 8 kilograms (around 18 pounds).

If you're debating which breed is better, you can use the app to compare up to three breeds, and see how they match up to each other in terms of size, weight, shedding, and so on. It may be useful if you can't decide which breed to get, and is also a great general learning experience.

The app is available for $0.99 from the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Download it and show the world that cats are more than just cute memes!

[Wolfram Alpha via Gizmodo]

Yaara is a foodie, horse-lover and biologist who enjoys being a geek as a full-time job. You can also find her on MakeUseOf and tweeting her time away on @ylancet.

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