Big-Budget Consoles Beware, the Ouya Is Coming in Strong

[Credit: Ouya/Kickstarter]
Watch out, world; here comes the Ouya. A little less than a month ago, the Ouya exploded onto the Kickstarter scene and into the hearts of the public. Promising an open-source, hackable experience for a double-digit pittance, the Ouya seemed almost too good to be true. However, judging from recent developments, it looks like the Ouya may indeed be able to deliver. (We hope.)

Aside from rampant support from the public, Ouya currently boasts of a partnership with music video and platform Vevo and cloud gaming platform OnLive. More importantly, perhaps, the Ouya team now also has two launch titles: Final Fantasy 3 and Human Element.

While the announcement of the former is slightly less than impressive (that Square Enix classic is available on almost every platform imaginable), the post-apocalyptic survival title Human Element actually looks rather intriguing.

There's little less than a week left to the Kickstarter campaign and the people behind Ouya appear to be dead set on going out with a bang. For those willing to donate $140 or more, there's an "exclusive, limited-edition rich brown metal finish Ouya" with your name on it.

Well, not literally. Unless you write your name on it, anyway. get the idea.

Interested in getting a last chance at getting in on the whole Ouya extravaganza? Head on to the Ouya page on Kickstarter.

Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a person who writes about video games for a living, and someone who spends too much time on Twitter.

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