Modder Melds Two N64 Controllers for Dual Analog Gameplay

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[Credit: Clarky/Made by Bacteria forums]
Many gamers have fond memories of classic consoles, stretching as far back as the Atari 2600 to as recently as the Nintendo 64. Unfortunately, it can be hard to readjust to an inferior control scheme after spending time with something as precise as a mouse or dual analog controller (or as intimate as a Kiss Controller). 2010clarky on YouTube has a solution for N64 gamers that want to jump back into Goldeneye or Star Wars Episode I: Racer without having to make use of the frustrating C buttons for camera control.

At first glance, the Frankenstein controller might look like a real design someone found in a dumpster behind Nintendo headquarters. In reality, Clarky designed the melded controller for a friend of his who wanted to try out the two controller mode on Star Wars Episode I: Racer that would allow you to control each engine of the podracer individually through the use of two controllers.

In the video, Clarky shows the progress of the project from the initial splicing to the finished product. He also demonstrates both Episode I: Racer and Goldeneye, the latter of which is much more successful than the former.

Sadly, the dual analog N64 controller can only work on games that have this functionality built in, but who knows, sooner or later someone may find a workaround for that problem too.

If you’d like to see more pictures of Clarky’s modding process, check out the project’s thread on the Made by Bacteria forums.

[Dual Analog N64 Controller via Engadget and Kotaku]

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