The top gaming mice of 2014

Logitech G502 Proteus Core review: This is a supremely customizable gaming mouse

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The top gaming mice of 2014

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Logitech says its G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse delivers “unprecedented levels of customization.” That’s not just marketing hype. Wrapped around an incredibly comfortable chassis, the G502 is one of the most mod-able devices I’ve ever used. It looks like futuristic mil-spec hardware, but it feels like luxury.

The G502 has no fewer than 11 buttons: You’ve got your standard left-, right-, and middle-click of course; plus three thumb buttons, two index-finger buttons, a button behind the scroll wheel, and two accessed by tilting the scroll wheel left and right. The G502 isn’t a large mouse by any means (in fact, it’s a bit small for my hands) but all of the buttons are clearly delineated and you’ll be hard-pressed to hit any of them by accident.

The mouse is a bit short, so I’d guess it’s most comfortable for claw- and fingertip grippers—but its suits this fingertip gripper just fine. I also fell in love with the teal-accented thumb rest on the side. I didn’t think that feature would be useful, but I’ve I found myself relaxing my thumb more often instead of squeezing the edges of the mouse. I experienced fewer cramps in my hand after using this mouse for long stretches.

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Logitech G502 Michael Homnick

You can add weights to customize the feels of Logitech's G502 gaming mouse.

The G502’s sensor ranges from 200 CPI all the way to 12000 CPI. That’s more resolution than I can envision anyone needing today, but it might become valuable if our 4K future comes to pass. The sensor is fantastic, and Logitech gives you the option of calibrating using the company’s software. And that’s not the only customization you can perform. Crack open the bottom of the mouse and you’ll find room for up to five 3.6-gram weights. I prefer a heavy mouse, so I threw all of them inside. The diamond pattern allows you to offset its weight to one side or the other or from front to back.

Did I say there were 11 buttons? There’s actually a twelfth. It’s non programmable, thoughl; it just regulates whether the mouse wheel rotates smoothly or stepped. The stepped scroll provides useful tactile feedback, so I almost never use a smooth scroll wheel. But it does spin faster in that mode, if that’s something you need. And props to Logitech for manufacturing one of the mouse cables in the industry. The entire length is wrapped in a thick, silky fabric, and the joint where mouse meets cable is long and flexible.

Alas, the G502 is not perfect. The scroll wheel is oversized in proportion to the rest of the mouse, and it’s hard to click without inadvertently scrolling. It’s even harder to tilt the wheel without accidentally scrolling. This could be remedied by making the rest of the mouse a little larger, but I suspect that would render it better suited to palm grippers than the claw- or fingertip-gripping crowd.

The right mouse button is a bit loose and occasionally produces an ugly-sounding squawk when you pull your finger off. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is distracting.

Finally, there are the weights to consider. They’re all the same heft, so you can make only gross adjustments. And while it’s good that the weights fit tight inside the mouse—you wouldn’t want them rattling around while you’re playing a game—you’ll need to dig them out with a screwdriver any time you want to change weight distribution.

But in the grand scheme of things, those complaints are pretty minor. The Logitech G502 Proteus Core is one of the best mice a finger- or claw gripper can lay their hand on, offering tons of customization, a great sensor, and impeccably comfortable design.

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At a Glance
  • Summary: Logitech's G502 Proteus Core is a customizable beast of a mouse, boasting one of the most comfortable designs I've ever held.


    • Weight customization
    • 11 programmable buttons
    • Smooth or stepped scroll wheel


    • Right mouse button occasionally vibrates
    • Mouse wheel can be hard to tilt and press without triggering scrolling
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