All Your Webs Belong To Cats: Meowbify Decorates Websites With Felines

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This kitteh-covered website is actually the BBC...
Remember our story about the awesome Chrome plugin that allows you to turn all the photos on Facebook into cat photos? Well if you wished the entire web could be the same, your has come true!

Meowbify is a web app that claims to “make the whole internet cat friendly”, and it certainly seems fulfill that claim. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website that you think would benefit most from having more cats, and Meowbify will swap out all the photos on that site with cat pictures and GIFs.

The Meowbify website is run by Mobify, a little open-source client that helps people port their website to any device. Aside from being a play on its name, Mobify created Meowbify as a way to demo its webtools (though we like to think they also did it to appease their cat overlords).

If you really love cats, you owe it to yourself to give this fun little web app a try. However, it’s not quite perfect: The images don’t always resize, which can break some Websites, and pages with a lot of GIFs tend to perform slower than normal.

Still, minus the flaws, it does have its benefits. For instance, annoying adverts are now cute or funny cat pictures. Meowbify pulls cat images from Tumblr, so you do end up with the best cat photos, like Pusheen, or a kitteh watching Nyan Cat.

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