Modder turns Xbox One into Xbook One laptop

Xbook One

Aw, the console thinks it's a computer. That's adorable!

Modder Ed Jarick describes himself as a "self-taught engineer," and has a history of turning Xbox 360s into "laptops." Now, with the advent of a new console generation he's gone and given an Xbox One the portable treatment.

Though to call this thing portable is a bit of a misnomer, maybe. The Xbook One is less a laptop and more an Xbox bolted onto a ship anchor. The device uses the innards of an Xbox One, some fans, 3D-printed parts, and an enormous 22" 1080p LCD monitor.

So yeah, "portable" in that it's probably easier than hauling around an Xbox One and a 22" monitor all day, but this thing isn't going in your backpack anytime soon. Plus it still needs an outlet to function.

And the Xbook One has a price to match its behemoth size: $1,500 for the model with a Kinect, $1,400 without. Unless you really want those voice commands, you might as well skip the Kinect—it's still a standalone device, not built into the "laptop" itself. You'll also pay extra if you want an HDMI-out port.

The Xbook obviously voids Microsoft's warranty, seeing as the original console was not only opened but harvested and placed into a new body. Jarick offers his own 30-day warranty on the device, but that's not necessarily the best deal considering the amount you're plopping down on this thing. After all, you could get a fairly powerful gaming laptop for less money.

But as an enthusiast device? Yeah, it's pretty cool. Check out Jarick's website for a full explanation of his build and links to order, if for some reason you have $1,500 burning a hole in your pocket.

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