The Byte Cellar Is the Ultimate Geek Dream Den

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!!! [Credit: Blake Patterson]
This is Blake Patterson’s technology love den, proudly named the "Byte Cellar." It contains no less than 122 vintage computers, retro gaming consoles, Palm Pilots, an Apple Newton, and just about every piece of old technology worth mentioning.

Blake Patterson started building his personal technology museum sometime in 2003 after moving into a larger house. The “office area” is actually Patterson’s “workspace” which expanded over time to house Blake burgeoning collection of vintage computers.

Currently the Byte Cellar houses a wide variety of antique computers, including several original Apple Macintoshes, a Texas Instruments TI-99/4, HP-9000 712/60 and a 2011 27-inch iMac (which isn't an antique, but goes to show the vast array of machines in his collection). The room is also filled with Retro consoles ranging from the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, and Amiga 1000, to the Sega Nomad.

Click the image below to view a larger version of the panorama. Or, open it in a new window to take it in at full resolution.

Click to enhance! [Credit: Blake Patterson]

Check out Blake’s List for his even more extensive collection of pocket PCs, which mostly includes things I’ve never even heard of. If that’s not enough to get your geek jealously going, there's this: The walls, furniture, and even the ceiling are adorned with more nerdy decorations like Serenity (the ship from the TV series Firefly) and bare Atari boards.

Blown away? Leave a comment--if you haven't passed out from all the awesome, that is...

[Byte Cellar via LifeHacker]

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