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Chrome Extension Readability Helps You Format Pages to Your Liking

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Even after you replace all Flash objects with placeholders, it may not be easy to sit down and focus on a lengthy read. Perhaps the article loaded with distracting banners, maybe the font size is too small, or perhaps you'd rather curl up in an easy chair to read it. Readability is an elegant service that can solve all of these problems, and more.

Readability for Chrome screenshot
Readability's Chrome extension converts busy Web pages to elegant, easy-to-read text.
Much like its Firefox sibling, Readability's Chrome extension shows up as a simple button. Click the button, and you can opt to read the article now, read it later, or send it to your Kindle. If you choose to read it now, Readability extracts just the text and images for the article and displays them on a distraction-free page with large, attractive typography. You can customize the colors, width, and font size, and even hide images and convert all links to footnotes.

Choosing to read the article later adds it to your reading list, which you can access on the Readability website. And once you configure your Kindle to receive emails from Readability, sending articles to read from the comfort of your e-ink screen takes just one click.

Note: The Download button takes you to the Chrome Web store, where you can install the latest version directly into your Chrome browser.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder Readability for Chrome

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