iPhoneography: The Art of iPhone Photography

Armed with iPhones and digital editing software, these 13 artists have turned a smartphone into a creative canvas.

Through the lens of an iPhone

For you and me, iPhones and other smartphones are rapidly replacing our Instamatic-style snapshot cameras. Artists too are seeing the world through their iPhones' lenses, using the Apple smartphone to capture digital images that form the basis of their artwork. This week, the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival features "iPhoneography," digital art based on photos taken on iPhones and typically enhanced and manipulated in software afterward.

Here, we showcase 13 images from the festival showing the range of artistic visions on exhibit at the Santa Monica (Calif.) Art Studios.

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'The Eldest'

Title: "The Eldest"
Artist: Paula Gardener


Title: "16x16"
Artist: Gordon Frazer

'Man with Feathers and Pagoda'

Title: "Man with Feathers and Pagoda"
Artist: Marie Matthews


Title: "Ballerina"
Artist: Nico Bronz


Title: "Heavcoat"
Artist: Jack Corin Crag

'Yellow Room Front Hill Castle'

Title: "Yellow Room Front Hill Castle"
Artist: Rad Drew


Title: "Nude"
Artist: Karen Divine

'The Pasha of Novia Paza'

Title: "The Pasha of Novia Pazar"
Artist: Jamie Stewart

'Nicki Flower'

Title: "Nicki Flower"
Artist: Allan Barnes

'Cherchez la Femme'

Title: "Cherchez la Femme"
Artist: Robert Herold

'There Was Silence in the Summer Light'

Title: "There Was Silence in the Summer Light"
Artist: Federica Corbelli

'Intermediate Frequency'

Title: "Intermediate Frequency"
Artist: Alan Kastner

'Houston, We Have Lift-off'

Title: "Houston, We Have Lift-off"
Artist: Carlein Van Der Beek

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