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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last several months you probably know Apple is expected to take the wraps off its next generation iPhone on September 12. If the rumors are true, it will have a smaller dock connector, a larger and thinner screen as well as a 4G radio inside.

While the world waits, people are coming up with creative YouTube videos that poke fun at all the hype. If you’re a devoted Apple fan with a serious disposition, don’t bother watching—you’ll just be annoyed. For everybody else, here are five that might make you chuckle.

LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video: Keynote 2012

Who knew iPhone users had such a reputation for using their smartphones to snap photos of food? While you’d think Android users do it just as much as anybody else, nearly 6 million people have viewed this parody, and remarkably more than 30,000 of them say they like it.


Also making use of clips reminiscent of Apple commercials, this spoof introduces silly new iPhone 5 features, includes acting that’s so dumb it’s actually good and hints at all those incorrect autocorrects that turn a benign text into a laughing matter. It’s pretty funny—more than 62,000 viewers gave it a thumbs up.

LEAKED - New iPhone 5 Commercial - App Remix – Parody

The creator of this clever riff, a composer and sound designer, clearly put some time and effort into it. He used ringtones, touch tones, notification tones and sounds from apps such as Fruit Ninja, Tiny Wings, Temple Run, Skype and more in this toe-tapping and fun-to-watch video. It’s odd what videos people gravitate to—as opposed to the two previous dopey clips, this one has yet to go viral.   

iPhone 5 Concept Features

Speaking of viral videos, this “concept video” has been up since last year before the iPhone 4S came out, but it has garnered nearly 60 million views, a number that attests to the amount of consumer interest in new Apple products and features. In fact, the studio that produced it says its intent was to provide something different from “the current trend of iPhone 5 rumors such as iPhone 5 leaked and iPhone 5 unboxing videos.” Wouldn’t it be great if these features came to fruition on September 12? Don’t count on it.

The iDea -The iPhone 5 Beater

Here’s another Apple-esque commercial, but in cartoon form. Apple didn’t really just take an MP3 player, put it in a box and call it a pod, or take a laptop, throw away the keyboard and call it a pad. And no, people don’t buy things simply because they’re shiny and flat.  But given all the controversy surrounding the Apple-Samsung litigation, the thought that an original idea can change the world is an interesting one.

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