Get PCWorld's '50 Essential Windows 7 Tips' Superguide

The 50 essential tips you’ll find in this Superguide will help you work faster and eliminate little daily annoyances. Frustrated by Windows’ tendency to resize Windows without asking? The guide tells you how to disable that arrangement. Having trouble with your Internet connection? Find out about little-known utilities that keep tabs on your connection.

PCWorld’s Superguide will also tell you how to add fly-out menus to the Start Menu, remove shovelware, stream media to other PCs, or whip up a system repair disc.

If you'd like to read the guide on your PC, consider a complete 35-page full-color PDF in a convenient download for $4.99. Or cover all your bases and have a copy of the Superguide in every version for each of your devices (.ePUB, .PDF, and .MOBI) with our $5.99 ebook and PDF bundle.

You can also read our 50 Essential Windows 7 Tips Superguide on a Kindle or Nook. It is available in the Kindle Store and Nook Bookstore for $4.99. We also have a copy available on Apple's iBookstore for $4.99.

For more practical how-tos, in-depth features, tips and tricks, and more about other topics, be sure to check out our other Superguides, including Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Speed Up Everything, Windows 7, and Android Honeycomb.

Buy now: Available as a downloadable PDF, on the iBookstore, via the Kindle or Nook for $4.99, or in a downloadable ebook bundle for $5.99.

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