Free Game Friday: A Civilization simulator and a free MMO

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We’ve got a lovely little 3D puzzle platformer and another simulator game for you this week, but the big story in free games right now is that an entire MMO has been released for free. Not free to play with a lot of strings attached but actually free. It’s an odd move, but nothing about our first game has ever been normal.


Love is an odd MMO in that it’s a one man project. It’s also odd in that it’s an MMO that’s been released for free. In fact, almost everything about Love is odd in a totally delightful way. The game’s graphics, gameplay and world all mark it as unique and while you won’t find as much content here as you do in other major MMOs (creator Eskil Steenberg’s been working on it for five years but he is just one man) there is enough of a sense of wonder and enough clever and bizarre gameplay moments to make it worth far more than the price of admission.

Cuboid Sandbox

I know we’ve already covered a lot of games from the most recent Ludum Dare, but I couldn’t resist this charming little simulator game. While there isn’t a lot of deep gameplay to Cuboid Sandbox (like the name implies, it’s more of a sandbox game) it does evoke that feeling of building up and destroying civilizaitions from early Civilization and SimCity games. If you want a higher-rez version the team also offers downloadable versions for every OS (the link above goes to an in-browser version).


Qbeh plays as an odd combination of Portal and Minecraft; you’re running around in a world of cubes that’s slowly falling apart. Luckily, you can pick up the pieces and place them back wherever you want, allowing you to make your own platforms to progress through the world. The game’s short length means it seems more like a proof of concept than a full game, but we’d love to see more.

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